Of course, you shouldn’t compromise on this. It is essential to update your website with HTTPs instead of HTTP as HTTPs is considered to solve data protection issues. Your data will be protected by encrypting it with an SSL certificate.

Websites that handle eCommerce, banking transactions, user data should mandatorily be updated to HTTPs in order to protect user data from getting hacked. If your website is not configured with a valid SSL certificate the browser detects it as an error and displays the message ”connection is not secure”.

Ensure to establish your website with a secure connection by implementing the necessary security configurations to it.

To manually configure your mail client, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the IMAP Access option next to the domain whose messages you wish to view.

  2. In the selected mail client, provide the following information, where example.com represents your domain name:

    • Mail Server Username: archive@example.com

      • Your password is the same as your cPanel account password.
    • Incoming Mail Server: (SSL) mail.example.com

      • IMAP port: 993
    • Incoming Mail Server: (non-SSL) mail.example.com

      • IMAP port: 143